About Becky
Becky Campbell is a life coach who offers transformational experiences to her clients by helping them to change their lives from the inside out. She has a unique ability in bringing a lightness to clients in order to support them through challenging life journeys while at the same time respecting and honoring the importance of the client’s goals. She often refers to this as being able to be ‘light with life’ which is not about ignoring the serious aspects of a person’s challenges. It IS about being able to bring a sense of acceptance and devoted intention to exploring the landscape of a person’s life and together with her, the coach, journey on a path that is in alignment with intrinsic and extrinsic values so the end results are powerful, meaningful and sustainable.
Important to Becky’s approach is integrity, ethics, concepts and approaches that are evidence-based and grounded in science and innovative progressive views. Becky prides herself on a keen ability to offer conscientious, transparent, supportive and perceptive assistance to her clients so that they experience profound paradigm shifts in order to lead healthier, more successful lives. It is the somewhat paradoxical vision of carefree yet grounded, stable and refined energy that allows her to appropriately read the waves of life for herself and to guide others to do the same. CAPTION_STRING
Master of Arts in Counseling in Marriage and Family Systems.
Board Certified Coach, CCE
Counseling experience includes women’s center, domestic violence, and psychiatric hospital serving the chronically mentally ill. Training in trauma and the brain.
Military culture. Father career Navy, husband career Navy. Experienced life as an ex- pat in numerous countries in addition to adjusting to life outside the Armed Forces community in her home country, the US. Taught pre and post deployment classes to active duty personnel and their spouses. Passionate about giving back to those who have served protecting her freedom and the freedom of her children and grandchildren.
Has a great desire to champion people to live well with themselves, with others and this one Earth we call home.

"Change your world from the inside out"