What People Are Saying
"Teach one to teach another"
-Erin Gruewell, The Freedom Writers-

Nicole (Plaisted) Martinez MH MAED
Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Educator
Nature has the best medicine.

Becky Campbell has been one of my greatest teachers. As I was transitioning into a new marriage, a newborn baby, and a new job the time was right for Becky to come into my life. She asked to be my Life Coach and helped me ask myself some very critical questions; What am I saying yes and no to? Who is my inner critic or saboteur and how does it show up? and What do I value? We worked together for only a short time but during that time I was able to come to some pretty clear revelations about the decisions I've made throughout my life and what I based these choices on. I found out one of my values is integrity, that to say yes to sleep is to say no to my husband getting sleep and every so often that's OK. Saying yes to self-care like a massage or bath means I am a better mother and wife. My dreams and aspirations have taken on new dimensions once I cleared the sabotaging beliefs I had created around them and my husband and I are stronger as a couple and a team as well. From the very beginning Becky offered her services in a non-threatening way. She always helped me to feel empowered, and supported like a true coach. The services of a Life Coach are invaluable and I spread the word all of the time about how this work has changed my life.
When I began coaching about six months ago, I was unsure of what to expect from it. Coaching has been a benefit for me because It has encouraged me to voice my thoughts out loud instead of just pushing them aside because I am too busy or not in the mood to bother with them. This has helped me to look inward and focus on my future aspirations and also to recoginze anything that could possibly be hindering me from achieving them.
Jeanne Doherty Jameson
USN veteran
Swim Coach, Coronado, CA
Fitness/Health Instructor
I never considered getting a Life Coach because why would I trust that someone else could ever be able to tell me what is best for my life plan.  Then Becky Campbell came into my life, and discovering that she was a coach, I entertained the idea for the first time.

Becky is extremely gifted at helping her client to dig out the root causes for things in our lives that we allow to distract us from becoming our finest.  Her experience in mental health, and her incredible talent to draft her skills into positive-focused yet extremely educational sessions serve to discover those beliefs that deteriorate or prevent us from even exploring, much less enjoying, our full purpose in life.

What better use of our time and energy is there than to study ourselves and how we can live life more abundantly?  Becky's concerned spirit transcends the shield that a phone call normally provides, giving you to courage to do the hard work of confronting your core beliefs because she truly cares about helping her clients to achieve a true transforming program that ultimately brings about the greatest happiness and success.  I cannot even imagine what my life would be like now without having met Becky, and there isn't enough credit that I could ever give her for the invaluable gift of life she has given me.