Life Coaching - How It Works
Life Coaching Co-Active Coaching is not about solving problems, achieving goals, getting results, improving performance, although all of that will certainly happen over time in an effective coaching relationship. Goals will be met, results will happen, performance is improved. However, Co-Active Coaching is so much more. It is about learning to live a life of discovery, awareness and choice. It is about empowering people to find their own answers as they embark on a journey of life-giving and life-changing choices. It’s about a life of on-going transformation, of enjoying and learning on each bit of the journey en route to a destination.
As your coach I come with inherent assumptions. Every situation has possibilities and people really do have the power of choice in their lives. The Co-Active relationship is based on an alliance designed by both coach and client, inherent in this alliance is compassion, integrity, and a rigorous commitment to speaking the truth. The clients agenda is always the coaches agenda. As your coach I hold the assumption that the client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole and it is my job to aid in the discovery of those gifts. That 'to-do' list becomes an expression of inner convictions bringing life not burdens. Life becomes meaningful, intentional, purposeful.
Life Coaching Co-Active coaching is a bit like an archeological dig. Sometimes we’ll use a large shovel, sometimes a delicate brush, all the time deepening awareness, introspection, discovery. Uncovered are such treasures as fulfillment, at first perhaps focused on outward measures while getting to what fills the heart and soul. Such discoveries are personal values, not to be confused with morals but can definitely sync. Do you value relationships yet find yourself too busy to nurture them? Do you value adventure, yet have none in your life? Sorting out values is a bit like sorting out life choices. When values match choices, life is more satisfying. Fulfillment becomes about reaching one’s full potential. A life long journey.
Living a life in balance in today’s world may seem elusive. Balance is fluid and unique to each individual. It is having a sense of rhythm in life. Some seasons last longer than others, but the seasons come. It is not a goal to be achieved, but a way of being in which goals do get met. Again, it is taking a look at personal values and the rhythm they have within your life.
We are always in process. As coach it is my job to journey with you through your various processes, noticing victories, celebrations, stuckness, unstuckness. Being aware of our processes in life allows us to live in deeper relationship with all of our lives.